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Salt for Life® delivers meaningful sodium reductions across the foods consumers know and love.

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* NOTE: Data represents mg of Sodium per 100 grams of finished product

Will Salt for Life®
really help me achieve up to
50% sodium reduction?

We've helped companies all over
the world achieve this milestone. Now it's
your turn.

Will it impact taste?

Taste is not something you can compromise. We have sensory studies across meat, poultry, bakery, cheese and other foods where we match or improve the taste when our Salt for Life® is used to replace traditional sodium salt at up to 50% replacement levels in certain applications.

Will it impact functionality?

No. We understand that we cannot compromise the process, texture, yield, or shelf life. We have numerous sensory studies that show our ability to replace traditional sodium salt in certain applications up to 50% without compromising the texture of food, production yield, or shelf life.

Will it impact my cost?

Not likely. Typically our customers have found that the cost is fractions of a cent per serving. Often times research chefs and other developers using our salt can remove more expensive existing ingredients, resulting in a cost-neutral or less expensive final product, and a cleaner label.


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