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Grain-based products have been identified as the largest contributor of sodium to our diets. In baked goods, the most significant source of sodium is the added salt which not only adds flavor but serves a functional purpose. Replacing a portion of the salt with potassium salt will provide the same functionality as salt by strengthening the gluten structure, regulating yeast development and limiting microbial activity.

The Benefits of Salt for Life® for Bakery & Snacks

Sodium Reduction

Salt for Life® has achieved significant levels of sodium reduction in baked goods and snacks of up to 50% (please reference a sampling of our application successes below).


Salt for Life® has been shown to perform similarly to sodium chloride in key functional areas in bakery applications including texture, water activity and shelf life. In select bakery items, modest reductions in proof time have been observed.


As noted above, using Salt for Life® often allows for the removal of multiple ingredients from a recipe thus delivering a cost-neutral or less expensive solution. Furthermore, the incremental cost of using Salt for Life® without removing additional ingredients is only a fraction of a penny per serving.


Professional sensory studies for baked goods and snacks have confirmed that there is no discernible difference in taste when Salt for Life® was substituted for sodium chloride -- even at significant reduction levels.

Cleaner Label

Using Salt for Life® oftentimes provides the opportunity to remove multiple ingredients from a recipe — thus delivering a simpler and ‘cleaner label’.


In most applications, Salt for Life® can be used as a replacement for up to a 50% of sodium chloride and typically requires no modification to the order of inclusion.

Take a look at real sensory studies below

Proven Reductions: Bakery & Snacks

Item Category Industry Benchmark* Nutek solution Reduction
(mg sodium/100g) (mg sodium/100g)
Flour Tortilla Chemically Leavened 750 406 -46%
Prepared Biscuit Biscuit 841 543 -35%
Pizza Dough Yeast Leavened 480 284 -41%
Sandwich Bun Yeast Leavened 523 389 -26%
English Muffin Chemically &
Yeast Leavened
378 259 -31%

* “Draft Guidance for Industry: Voluntary Sodium Reduction Goals: Target Mean and Upper Bound Concentrations for Sodium in Commercially Processed, Packaged, and Prepared Foods.” FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration IV Appendix, Table 1, June 2016, Updated 11 July 2016.

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