Salt for Life® is Nature's Alternative Salt

Naturally-sourced potassium salt
from ancient sea beds in North America.

We're on a Mission

To help create great-tasting and
affordable foods that enhance global
health and wellness.

Great Taste

Enjoy the salty taste you love and
let the true flavors come through.

Improved Nutrition

Improve the nutritional balance of your diet by
reducing sodium and replacing it with potassium,
a necessary and under-consumed nutrient.

Easy and Affordable

Generally it can be used in any recipe
or on top of food as an
alternative to sodium salt.

For consumers, Salt for Life® is available
in convenient shakers for use in recipes and to season foods just like regular salt.
For industrial customers, use Salt for Life® to replace up to 50% of sodium chloride.
Let us help you achieve your sodium reduction goals.

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